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I want to ask the reader this only question… What makes a fan into a fanatic, into a rabid fan… to a monster? My story starts a few months when I went to visit my best friend Travis at his house. His home was an apartment, nothing to special. I when to his door and knocked on it. He opens it up and we greet one another with our usual greeting.

"Bro!" I said, extending my arm making a fist.

"Bro!" Travis says extending his arm, brofisting mine.

We then grabbed hands and hug each other like we were brothers. We have been almost like brother since third grade. I was the more the wise one, and he was the one who wanted to be the player but we both enjoyed playing games, collecting cards, and looking cool YouTube videos online. Of course I've remember time where he was badly bullied by other kids, but I always step in and help him up or fighting off the bullies. And they bully him for no reason except that sometime he can act a little immature at time, but we get along just fine… now even we are in our twenties. We still lived with our parents, but at least I am the one with a job and a car… but we still visit each other every other week if we can.

"Dude! You got to come up stairs. I have something that I want to show you that is the next meme." Travis say with excitement.

"O…K…" I said unsurely.

I followed him up stairs and entered his room. His room was covered with Pokémon stuff head to toe with it. Pokémon plushies, Pokémon toy, Pokémon posters, and even having a plushie Eevee on his bed that I know he goes to sleep with just about every night, because it's his favorite Pokémon.

"Ok… so what do you want to show me?" I said, hoping for something worth my time.

Travis giggles. "check this out!" He says with much excitement.

He started playing a video on his computer. Then it started playing "My Little Pony: Magic is Friendship." At first I thought he was toying with me.

"Really man?" I said with annoyance.

Travis looks at me with a proud look. "Yeah! I just started watching it, and it's really good!!!"

"Yeah… Really good if you are a little girl!" I said in a rude joke.

"Sure make all the jokes you want." Said Travis.

"Can I ask? How the hell you get into this kind of thing?" I asked.

Travis proudly answered "Some males online who call themselves 'Bronies' and female calling themselves 'Pegasisters' was talking about it in a chat, they keep saying join us, and join the herd and stuff. So I had to get in on all this!"

I did not like what I herd. "You're joking right?" I asked.

"No! Dude give it a chance… please?" Travis insistent.

Out of sympathy I turn to the screen and started to watch it… but only five seconds in my head started to hurt, then ten seconds later I was punching myself in the head screaming "MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!" over and over again. Travis soon stopped it and gave me a disappointed look.

"Very funny! Look if you didn't like it, say so, but don't act out! I like to act out too, but what you did was not cool!" Travis says disappointed.

I recovered and looked at him… something was not right. Why did my head hurt after watching a show for only 15 seconds?

"I'm sorry man… it's just… something…" I stop myself, I am known for have a strong belief for the supernatural, But what I would of said would only make Travis even madder.

"What is it?" He asks.

I thought to myself… but maybe it's just me.

"Nothing… just nothing…" I try to assure him and myself.

I should have stayed and looked up what happened to me. Then I would have avoided what was yet to come… After that I want home and started to look up things about "My Little Pony." I was able to find some things about mind control, Bronies groups and many, many sick pictures of ponies. I Won't go into details with it, but I can say some people have one hell of a sick mind about a pony's butt. Then I shrugged this whole thing off. I figured it's just a phase, nothing more… Later we will forget this even happened. The week after last I want over to his house again. Knocked on his door and it opened, the sight of him standing wearing a shirt that said "Now I have ponies… I now 20% cooler" I just glared at him…

"Hay Anthony!" He saiys proudly knowing that the shirt annoyed me.

"This is a joke right?" I asked in annoyance.

"Nope…" He answered in stuck-up tone.

"You know you a grown ass man right?" I asked in anger.

"Dude why you got to hate?" Travis asked, starting to get annoyed.

I answered in anger. "Because! It for girls… Where on earth did you get that shirt and what even made you want to get it in the first place? You look some dumb!"

"Well… If you must know, I am now a Brony! All Bronies have My Little Pony shirts. I got the shirt online, this is a man's shirt anyway. And I am 20% cooler and you're just mad that I got the pony and you don't!" He says with complete immaturity.

Annoyed with it I said. "The only thing I have is one bad headache now. Plus! I would not be caught dead were that dumbass shirt."

"Come one man... Join us! Join the Herd!" He insistent immaturely

By that time I left his house wondering what happened to him, my brother. Next few weeks got really crazy. On Facebook he change a good number of his pictures to ponies from My Little Pony and his number of friends went up and they were all bronies. The next week I asked him a question about a show that we both watch, He says he is no longer into it. Then the next week after I enter his room and found that all his Pokémon stuff was replaced with My Little Pony stuff. Know that I do not watch the show but since it's everywhere on the freaking internet that I ended up learning the names of the 'things' as I see his Eevee plushie that he would never replace with anything… was replaced with a Pinkie Pie doll. I just left after the horrible site that I just witness… The next week after, that when things really went to hell… As I was walking to Travis' house to check on him and say I'm sorry for running out on him. It was cloudy and very dark. I look over to the park to see three older guys that look like in their twenties had a kid at least ten or eleven on the ground kicking him over and over again. I do not like it when older kids, even men taking advantage of a kid that 2 time younger than they were.  I ran over ready to fight for the kid, but as I got closer... they were wearing My Little Pony shirt. I throw a punch into the biggest one in the group and he went down. The other two back off for a moment. The kid gets up and run to his home. I started to say something but then… I look at their eyes. They where soulless… where  there white of their eyes were, was nothing but black, and the eyes were red. The one I punch look up at me with the same look, but his eyes were bleeding… like he was crying. Then he speaks with a non-human tone. "…he insulted… he insulted… he insulted… my pony!"

"Dude chill… it's just a show…" I said trying to calm down the bullies.

"A show? A show? A SHOW?!!" He yelled with a roar and knocking me off my feet with it.

I get back up and saw them running into the alleyway.  I shook my head and continue walking  to my Travis' home. A little on down from the park I see a girl crying on the street holding her arm.

She said sobbing."That Jerk! Why did he do that to me?"

I stop and hold out my hand and help her up. She was pretty with her blonde hair and her blue eyes. She was still holding her arm.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

The girl answers in anger while still crying."THAT ASSHOLE!!! He loves his pony show more then he loves me! Before that show he was so nice, so charming… Now… his so immature, not himself, and he doesn't want me anymore… Today I tried to get him to get away from the show, but then he attack me and scratch me like he was a bear!!!

She then showed me a scratch… I could not believe what he done to her. The scratch look like it was done by something powerful then a human as the wound was bleeding badly even torn into the muscle deep and almost hitting the bone. I called 911 for her and she thanks me for my time as I watch her leave in the ambulances. I started to worry about Travis … I hope he still have his sanity. I then run to his home and knocked on the door hear. My heart was pounding for the truth. His mom opened the door. I asked to come in and she told me that he had been locked in his room for days now.

"Don't worry… I shall try to get him moving!" I said.

She then grabbed my arm and whispered into my ear. Saying "When you enter Anthony, please keep the lights off". As I heard that, I look down and my eyes widen as I look at her arm all scratched up like she was attack. I then gulped  and headed up stairs. The closer I got my head started to get dizzy from a faint tune I can hear coming from his room… then my vision became distorted and blurry, but I made it to his door and opened it. My head started to hurt as I hear the My Little Pony song playing over and over again. He was just sitting in the dark with no movement… I feared for the worse as I turned on the light hoping to get his attention but still no movement. I walked over his body seeing what I saw from the bully but only this time… my Travis' skin was pale white is eye's was like an empty void, all black… and what really send a chill up my spine was… was his was crying blood from his eyes, and looked like he had been crying for hours as a good bit was on his shirt and dried. I look to his computer, he had his music player up playing the My Little Pony song on repeat. Then I notes a hidden message behind the song and I started to read it.

"Anthony … you got to help me… It won't stop… I keep seeing them… their eye's so empty… crying blood… screaming… 'Help me', 'Save us' and 'Don't them take you' or 'don't let them change you'… then I saw me with them… and soon… soo… my little pony… my little…"

Then the lights went out, and I heard a loud scream coming from the computer as an image of what looked like Pinkie Pie, or Fluttershy come up, but her skin was white as a ghost, and her hair was gray and bleeding from her void eyes and mouth. Taking all of this at once I fell back. When I look up… I saw him… I saw Travis … but it didn't look like him. He still was pale, bleeding from his eyes, but his black eye soon red eyes in them and they was glowing like a demon's. His face look like that of a monster's. His feet look like horse legs, and hooves, and his arms… They were demonic claws, he said with an evil tone. "YOU SHOULD HAVE JOINED WHEN YOU HAD A CHANCE!!! NOW!! WE WILL COME FOR YOU, AND HAUNT YOU IN THE DARK!!!"

He started the laugh at me and starting me down with the eye of a demon as the My Little Pony song started to play backwards and distorted. I try to get away by clawing back, but he just stared at me laugh a creepy laugh… then I grabbed a toy. It was hard… So I throw it as hard as I can and hit him in the face. He falls to the floor and I quickly got back up and turned on the lights then walked over to my Travis' body. He looked normal again, but the blood stains on his face and shirt remained… I got close  to feel for a heartbeat. There was no heartbeat, and I felt like I killed my friend and I started to cry. That when he grabbed me, and pulled me to his face… My friend was still alive but barley as he whispers into my ear and breathing hard… "don't let them get to you bro…*breathing* don't become like them…*breathing* avoid them…*breathing* they seek to destroy lives…*breathing* for their…*breathing* for their…*breathing* …FUN!!!"

Travis then passes out. His mom walks in and screams in terror. She then ran and called the 911… Hours later I was question by the police. If I told them what really  happened, then they would think I was some nut… Travis came too, still saying crazy thing… So the police took him in as he was the one who attack his mother and me and locked him up in a psych-hospital. As I watch them take him away… I started to think "How did a show made him go insane?" Well I soon was going to find out…  

The next day I went over to an old friend of mine and Travis. He worked at the radio station, and he was really good with frequencies. I believed that the show uses hidden frequencies to gain more followers that somehow affects the thought patterns causing them to like the pony more than anything else, like a drug… However I needed proof of it. I went in to the radio station and found him… His name was Mr. wheeler, but every called him Tai. He was an older African-American, about in his forties I think, he looks at me and smiles. "Anthony? Hay its Anthony! How you doing man?" He asks.

We grab hands and pull to hug each other.  We walk into the lounging room, and sat at the table and started to talk about good times and what we've been doing since we last saw each other… then I told him about Travis and what happened and what has been going on.

"…And you're saying that crazy shit start when he watch ponies?" Tai asked.

"Look… I'm not crazy… Changing your life style is one thing… but beating up kids because they insulted your pony, breaking up with your girl friend just to watch then and attacking them when they try and take you away from it" I said.

Tai replies. "Sounds like crazy shit right there! And they locked up poor Travis up over it?"

I just looked down and nod.

Tai nods and says "I see… I'll help yah with this what, but what make you believe it's a hidden frequency?"

"because, every time I hear the song, or watch the show… my head starts to hurt, and then I start hitting myself in the head, like my body is rejecting it." I said.

"I see… well that reminds of the time of finding and studying a hidden frequency on a game or what not… but turns out that it's just a bunch of bull… but sure I'll help yah." Tai said proudly.

We then walk to his computer room and boot up one of the computers, and sat in front of it. He then pulls up some sort of special program that was able to take a song or a recording and shows them in frequencies.  We then started to look on the internet for the songs, and then we found them on a pony site… along with other disturbing sights. Tai was cussing a storm about "how the hell any male would get into a pony's behind like a sick motherfucker". We then started to play the songs… I watch as the pitches was normal but then my head started to hurt. Tai looks at me and turns down the volume of the song and my head started to feel better.

"If you can't hear it then it won't harm you…" He said.

I thanked him "Thanks man… but how come you wasn't affected?"

Tai thinks and says. "good question… I'm still trying to figure out why the hell would boys today are trying to get some pony ass  and not like anything else…"

"sick minds right?" I asked.

Tai then stops the song when he notes something… He goes back and examines. "hmm… the show looks like it's got some higher pitches than a normal show would… but what's the point of it?"

I started to think hard… when I thought of my Asperger and asked. "What if it's my Aspergers?"

"You have Asperger's Syndrome, kid?" He asks.

"Yeah! Me and Travis both have it!!! And maybe the other kids have it to…" I answered unsurely.

"That quite an actuation, man. What about the people who love the show and don't have Aspergers?" Tai asked.

I thought for a moment and answered. "Maybe they won't be insane or so rabid like the people who do…"

Tai nods and said. "Well then let's look into this further."

We then started to look over a few sites… first to some Bronies sites. When was asked certain people, some said they do have aspergers, while some took it as an insult, but then we get a strange email from a strange username called PRFTARD and it read

"Its best to stop this… all your doing is digging a hole big enough to put a dragon in it. If you join us… you will no longer feel alone… you want to feel power from your bros? Join us… Join the herd"

Tai looks at it without a flinching and says "Strange ass messages…"

I felt a cold chill go up my spine, but then I look outside and saw that it was getting dark. I said my goodbyes to Tai and headed out. On my way I encountered what looked like girls in cosplay. However… I think they were My Little Pony cosplayers as they dressed the way they did, had the same hair styles and even as much as acted like them. I was kind of weirded out… Then a Pinkie Pie cosplay, who was wearing a pink rave outfit and hot pink hair, runs over to me and blocks my path as she greets me with a cheery tone, looking on me with her big blue eyes.

"HAY MISTER!!! HAY MISTER!!! WE HAVE A FAVOR!!! WE HAVE A FAVOR!!!" The Pinkie cosplayer asks in a hyper mood.

I look in disgust at them… Looking around there was seven girls in total. The Pinkie cosplay. One with rainbow hair in blue hoodie and pants and the purple eyes, a pink hair girl in a yellow dress with aqua eyes, one with purple hair with pink steaks in it and wearing a gothic dress, glasses and has dark blue eyes. Then I see the last 3 standing side by side…  A golden blonde in what look like a farmers outfit, a violet hair girl in a very fancy white dress, and then the most oddest of them all… A light blonde girl in a grey sweater that is too big for her that it covers her hands. Done looking at them I sighed and gave my reply…

"I guess… what do you ladies need?" I asked, not amused.

They look to each other and they looked happy.  The cosplayer in the gothic dress run up and knocks the pinkie cosplayer out of the way. Now I think she was to be Twilight Sparkle… I think… I never watch the show because it would hurt my head, but seen a whole bunch of crap of them on the internet… can't go to any site without see a My Little Pony thing these days… The Twilight cosplayer then speaks in a clam tone…

"Sorry about that, she is a bit… Jumpy and love to party." The Twilight cosplayer explains.

They look at her as she runs in a cycle like a chick with its head cut off. The girl that I think was a Rainbow Dash cosplayer makes a smart remark.

"Yeah… If you ask me… It too many cupcakes!!!" The Dash cosplayer remarks.

"Look who's talking…" The Pinkie cosplayer pouts.

The Twilight cosplayer looks back at me, and then pulls out a camera asking. "we were looking for someone to take pictures of all 7 of us so we can post them on our site… can you take a picture of us?"

I was already annoyed with My Little Pony… These cosplayers just made it hard to deal with it, but… at least they were all females. So I gave a smile.

"Yeah! I'll be happy to take some pictures for you." I said.

They all shriek in an ear popping sound. The Twilight started to hand me the camera when it went off aiming at me. I got blinded by the flash seeing starts in my eyes

"ohh… sorry! This camera is very sensitive." The Twilight cosplayer apologize.

I rub my eyes and took the camera from her, ready to get this over with… They all stood together and posed, and then I snap the shots. After word they come up to me and I handed the camera back to twilight.

"OH!!! THANK YOU!!!" The Twilight cosplayer said excitedly.

"No problem." I sarcastically.

Then the Pinkie cosplay run up beside the Twilight cosplay and says one strange message… "Better be good… or bad things will happen *giggles* okay BYE BYE!!!!"

They all walked away as soon as they come… I had a cold chill from that message. However I had to get home. When I got home, I went up to my room and went to bed. Then I started to have strange dreams. I saw Travis standing there with his back turn… I couldn't move, nor even speak… All I could do is watch. Then Travis turns… I trembled at what I saw… Travis had a no face… He was faceless and he was white as a ghost, and there was a hole in his chest right where his heart would have been. He looked at me with that blank look for what felt forever. Then he changed into that beast again, this time his face finally appeared but it was no longer his… I wanted to wake up but couldn't… The beast looked like it wanted to charge me… But then white hands rose from behind it and grabbed, and started to pull it down… I couldn't comprehend what I saw next… I was people lots of people stuck together all cry out for freedom… and to be saved. Then finally I woke up, covered in sweat… I ran to the bathroom to check to see if I was still human. I looked fine but dark circle under my eyes. Then I saw it as my eyes widen a picture of me that looked like when the cosplayers handed to me and went off by accident. I was shaking like a leaf in the wind, my body felt cold as a grabbed the photo. Then I turned it over to find a message writing in red ink.

"You don't have to join those fools who sell their souls to us… Just be good, and don't look into it anymore… nothing needs to be answered… because if you was to find out… then it would be far too late… So be a good little boy and let them fan us while they lose them self's in their own pleasure… It's their souls not yours… Love Twilight…"

After reading the last sentence I dropped the photo and I fall back hitting my back to the wall and slide down to the floor… I couldn't move… Like in the dream… I couldn't move… So many emotions of fear and horror come over me. My heart was pounding like it was on adrenalin. Then I saw the sun rose. I finally moved to looked outside. I have never felt so haunted just to find out what happening. But something inside me wanted to know more… I had to know more… maybe if I knew more… then maybe I can find away to take them down before they are able to hurt more lives. I got dressed hand head to meet with Tai back at the radio station. When I got there, Police with their lights flashing and also an ambulance was there. I lesion to the people in the crowed to hear what had happened. The place had been broken in during the night, only to destroy recording and frequency equipment. Then I saw them bring out Tai on a stretcher. He had been beaten up. I ran to him but then stop by a cop. Tai see me and tell them to let me though. The cop nods and let me though run to him.

"TAI!!! WHAT HAPPENED?!!" I screamed in fear for him.

Tai spoke like he had found something but it was gone. "Crazy bitches!!! During the night… I found something… I found it… but before I could do anything… they broken in. six girls in nude wearing cloaks broken in and jump me. Two of them held me down, while a crazy bitch with pink hair smash my equipment with a sledgehammer say how fun it was like a party… then the rest of them started to beat me up… when they stop… they weren't girls…"

He grabs me tight and pulls me in to whisper in my ear... "They were fucking demons!!! From their asses to their legs was horse like feet were hooves. Claws hands, and certain ones had small wings but they were cute wings they were demonic in a way. And certain ones had horns showing through their cloaks… then they grabbed me and did THIS to me…"

He turns over showing his butt. There was a big clothe on his butt, but I couldn't make out till I saw what looked like burn marks.

"THEY BRANDED ME!!! LAUGH WHILE DOING IT TOO!!! Saying how they can't own my soul… but they will haunt me till the day I die… looking at me with evil, evil eyes… You must find what I found and get it out there… if not… you generation will end up killing themselves, and just your generation, but the next ones as well… don't let them ruin them… don't let them get you… I hid the disk… you will see what I mean…" He says before passing out.

The men then push Tai into the Ambulance and drove off… Now it was just me… Now it was up to me to somehow find what is going on… and why? Yet I was still shaken from last night, but I just had to know. I managed to take some disks and jump drives that Tai saves after each find that was not smashed, and brought them home. I hooked each drive in to my computer, but nothing from yesterday showed up. That's when finally I popped in the last one and there is was the music file that Tai was researching last night. I opened it and saw that the file had been decoded and the frequencies had been lowered.  When I started to play it now… It was lowered sound yet it was distorted… It didn't hurt my head, but yet… I can almost hear words yet it was going too fast to make out. I rewind the part of the song and slowed it down. Then I heard it as it played in the most creepiest of tunes in a very low female down and almost demonic in its own way.

"Become one of us, and sell your soul. Many will hate our friendship tolls.  Let's have fun and spread our love. But we will assimilate them with our cove… We spread our love on the web; many will join till their dead. But if they ever try and leave. We will make them remember of our creed…. We ponies you will stay… You bronies you will remain… sisters too will come to stay. Like the bros if you may… Now that you hear us sing… Your life is ours with a ping. No one will break you from our love… Watch us every day on the hub. If people try to break you from us… kill them, break them with your lust. Now that your one of us, Boy and Girl forever we trust."

The message crawled down my spine like cold nails running down my back… I almost pee my pants hear that message in that tone. Now that this hidden song with in the theme song scrambled and heighten by the song playing and effecting so many… And though with aspergers are the mostly effected by this hidden frequency. Now that I know that truth, it was only a matter of time before who ever attack Tai would soon be after me… After hearing that creepy song… I got an Email from the user "PRFTARD".
I knew it was them…  I opened the messages, and it read…

"You was warned! Now we swarmed! Be ready for our judgment. Be ready for our abundant…"

Under the message was a picture of a soulless pony with blood coming out of her void eyes and her mouth, and there was a message on the bottom that said "Can't Escape!" yet how it was written was frightening… There was phrases like "Join us" and "Join the herd" put together to make each letter in the message. I grew cold as I feared I would end up like Tai, but when or how would that get me? I felt as if my clock was ticking to my demises. Later on into the night when I went to bed, strangely my mom and dad was out of the house for the night… I lay awake, waiting for them to torture me. I stayed up till one in the morning… I had the strange feeling like they was watching me; I looked around the darkness of my room. The only light in my room was a nightlight plugged into the wall at the foot of my bed, and the light from the moon and street lights outside. I only nodded a few times, but then quickly awoke. Then I fell asleep in a deep sleep. In my sleep I felt safe for some reason, but I had no reason to feel safe, even though my life was at stake. I slowly awaken from the slumber to look around, but nothing was in my room. I sighed in relief closing my eyes… till I heard a giggle. I opened my eyes and saw her. A woman standing there at the foot of my bed.  She was standing in front of my night light that it hid her in the dark but I was able to see her. It was the Pinkie Pie cosplayer, but she wasn't wearing her clothes from the other day. This time, she was in nude. All but a cloak covering her but her face. Her blue eyes were wider than before, and the creepiest smile… almost like an insane look.  All she did was giggle at me while look at me… I could see that the whites of her eyes were reds. I tried to move or scream… but I was scared striate by fear. It felt like forever just looking at her. Then her body twitched as her head slowly moved to her left shoulder before saying something still in her up tone voice… "You… have been very bad!!!"

I blinked for only a second. When I reopened my eyes, I was soon surrounded by all 7 of the women cosplayers, all bare nude and wrapped with their cloaks. Each of them didn't have the crazy look as the Pinkie cosplayer but they all had the red eyes were their whites should be.

"Sorry but Pinky couldn't help but to jump in first." The Rainbow Dash cosplayer says rolling her eyes.

"You know why we are here right?" The Twilight cosplayer asks.

I remain quite, not wanting to answer.

"You better answer, before we get mean like a bull!" The Apple cosplayer says in a mean tone.

The Fluttershy cosplayers begs me. "Answer please… We don't want to do the next part…"

The Twilight cosplayer stops them and says. "Not just yet… He already knows… Just look at him."

The Pinkie Cosplayer says in a hopeful tone. "Hope he can make more fun than the old man!!!"

I got mad hearing that… This was nothing more than to keep a secret and hurt others just to do so to them. I then rose up, and started to talk back to the women. "You think you can come in here and hurt me… I am well known in this town. If you're going to hurt me, then soon you will have people after you!"

The Twilight cosplayer pauses and says. "We know… and they will do nothing!"

"Dude… we've been doing this since the show started." The Rainbow Dash cosplayer concluded

I started to ask "Why? Why do all this crazy…"

Then the Pinkie cosplayer slams her fist into my knee with a force that it felt like it broke. I scream in pain out loud… At that point I hope someone, anyone would of herd me, or even my mom and dad come home… but nothing happened as the Pinkie Pie screams with excitement. "YAY!!!"

Apple stops her. "Not yeah Pinkie Pie! Don't break him like that last one just yet!"

I grab my knee… The pain was so real it felt like a drill just drove into my knee.

"WHY? Why you doing this? Why are you turning so many men and women to these monsters?" I asked still wanting to know.

The Twilight cosplayer closes her eyes and says."Because… It's what our creator wanted…"

Fluttershy explains. "See she wanted to touch special mind so much that she wanted to influence them to peach and love other than hate and war."

"At first our maker want only females to watch the show and become like us. Then she want the males to find there in kid in hopes of controlling them." The Rarity ended.

"It worked of course… Worked to well when they started to go crazy even those with Aspergers, and they start to worship us like goddesses. Call them selves' Bronies and Pegasisters like they were one of us… so we let them become one of us." Rainbow Dash added.

"WE'RE GODS!!!" The Derpy added.

Twilight continues. "Then more and more started to join… and for those who sold their souls to us will become what you saw to your friend.  All it cost… was their soul."

Twilight then snap her fingers and from the darkest part of my room I saw the demons with the horse legs and the claws, some had wings, some had horns, and some even have both. Their eyes were black as the blackest void with red glowing eyes staring at me… some were women but most of them were men.

Pinkie Squeals. "They do our work for us when some hater got to hate. They… troll them? YEAH THAT THE WORD YEAH!!! Troll them and hurt them so it will keep them quite. They love us so much. They are even willing to cast as side their lives for us, aren't they sweet?" She giggles.

"As for their souls…" says Twilight.

She knew… she knew I was about to ask that. I soul only watch as she snaps her fingers as the demon bronies and pegasisters then stepped aside to show me the souls. They all were white void like eyes and bleeding from their eyes… all saying "join us and "join the herd" in a creepy happy yet sad tone. Like they like it but so how regretted it.  I just stared at them in horror at what they did to them.

"So if you not brain washing people to give their lives too you, what do you do?" I asked.

"well… if you must know. Our creator always fears that someone will always try and find some way and break them from that state, but once they become one of us… it's too later." Rainbow Dash replied.

"YEAH!!! Much too late." Pinkie added.

Fluttershy explains "Sadly… some tries to leaves after they learn what happened to them so… we drive them crazy showing their inner demon, then cut them loose till a friend or a family member takes them out. Just to show the rest what happened for what happened for turning your backs on us… they either die, or driven crazy… just like your friend."

"We also learn from each soul we take… and learn of the people around them, also those who hate, or even those who want to learn the truth." Twilight added

"When they learn the truth… ITS PARTY TIME!!!" Pinkie said with enjoyment.

My eyes widen when I heard "party time"… I didn't want to know, nor did I want to ask.

Twilight then says. "I know you don't want to join us after what we told you, no body dose when they learn the truth. The only thing we can't do know…  Is haunt you…"

"How… how… do you plan on doing that?" I asked, which I shouldn't have.

Pinkie responds with the same word that made my heart raced. "PARTY TIME!!!"

Then without warning the Rarity and Apple Jack cosplayers grabbed me and then threw me out of my bed and hitting the ground pinning me. I closed my tight when hitting the ground. When I open them to look at them… I then understand why Tai called them demons. They had removed their cloaks their skins turn into that of what pony they was called and they had the horse legs. Their skin from the stomach up was still human, their arms was demonic claws, and had the wings and horns like their pony. They was all giggling in the scariest tone I will ever hear in my life time. My room became very dark, and the souls they token appeared… soon I was no longer in my room but in a much distorted abyss of hell. I whole body turned white even my bed clothes was white. They started to remove my paints and my underwear. I soon realize what they were going to do to me. I started to struggle.

"NO!!! Please… DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!!" I begged, trying to fight them.

"It's got to be done!" Twilight ordered.

Derpy says."*Durrr*… brand, brand, mark you for life."

"YAY!!! Can I do this one?" Pinkie asks.

"What are you going to brand me with?" I asked out of fear.

Twilight answers."see our butts?" she points to her butt. "we mark who we love and who we will haunt for the remainder of your days."

Soon Rainbow Dash and Derpy hold my legs forcing my ass up into the air. I wanted to black out my heart was pounding like a jackhammer. All I heard was laughing, horrible, horrible laughing. I then I heard the sound of fire and metal burning. I look back to see a forge and Twilight taking an iron branding stick. The brand symbols was her starts. She then take it from the forge and aims it at my butt-cheek.

"Hold still… don't struggle… or the pain will be more so…" Twilight said, enjoying what she was about to do.

All I can do is close my eyes and brace for the pain. Then I felt the hot metal driving into the side of my ass. The pain was so much… I cry out in pain, tears run down my face. It burns… It burns so much…. Then I watch as she pulls away and walks to the other butt-cheek.

"What… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I screamed.

"Come on silly… We have marking on both our cheeks… you will too…" Pinkie said having fun with torture me.

Twilight thrust the hot metal into my other side. I scream in pain like I was being killed. I scream as loud as I could, but I was screaming into an empty void. I only hope someone could hear me. Moments later Twilight drops the brander, they had let me go but tears still rolled down my face, my side's burn in pain like it was burning my soul. And my knee was still shattered. I turn over to see Twilight over me… so close like I never see a girl so close before.

"I'm sorry I had to do that Anthony." Twilight says as she runs her claw down my chest, taking care not to cut me up. "Now for something you will remember me for… something you will see in your sleep… something that you will see in every women you will meet."

By that time I blanked out of my mind… Not going into details on what happened, but I will leave what happen to you all. When I awoke I was back in my bed drenched in sweat, heart still pounding like it never pounded before, and my bed was wet… But the pain was going. I get up and run to the mirror to make sure I was alright again. My skin was normal, and so was my eyes. I stared in to the mirror for felt like forever... But then I saw it… stars burned in to the sides of my ass. I started to tear up and scream. My mom and Dad rushed in and saw what happened to me.

Its token me 2 years of therapy to come to terms with what happened to me and my friend. Travis sadly died in the psych-hospital after suffering a heart attack and strangulation caused by him trying to get free from his stray jacket. Right before doctors found balloon burn marks also on his sides. Tai moved on after words he then later move out of the city and lived a life as a renegade as what he calls, saying that the world has went to hell. As for me I've moved on from what happened. I know live alone with my two dogs in a single apartment. However… I still have dreams of what that Twilight demon had done to me… and the "My Little Pony" song playing backwards in a distorted theme. The burn marks still remain but they don't hurt anymore. I know many of you who is reading this and under their curse want to cuss me out, and I know you want to… I know you want to hurt me somehow say things with logic that you are unable to prove. The Jump drive that had the file of the decoded My Little Pony song had disappeared during that night. I know many others will try to help me by decoding. If you can… post it so that other may see that I'm telling the truth… I don't know how Tai did, but I'm sure you all would have no problem. But first I want to ask… What makes a fan into a fanatic, into a rabid fan… to a monster?
This is my OC Creepypasta I've made awhile back. However due to have Asshole admins on Creepypasta wiki got it tooken down (Even though people tried to fix it. It was unfarely tooken down, but thats a whole other story)

I'm going to be honest... I do like the show My Little Pony but i am not a brony and i refuse to be. The only thing I hate by my reasions to why i hate it in the 1st place was caused by the rabid side of the fanbase... I don't question peoples liking Ponies (I like Sailor Moon, Winx Club, and Totaly Spies we all have our turn ons and turn offs) I just find it annoying both the Bronies and the haters... like so much is caused by the one show. So i came up with this to maybe, just maybe spook some sense back into them. I'm mean come on all this rage over a show, and what happends if little girls find them creepy pics of pony trying to be sexy... I just pray you have the mature filter on... Again... I'm not being butt-hurt (why would you use a world like that?) not being mean, not trying to troll (even though i'll end up feeding them some how, but thats ok. easier to see who is a friend and who is a foe). Maybe if we learn to tolerate each other (and maybe stop turning character like Duke Nukem, and Scropion into ponies)
Then maybe the internet can be once a again a friendly place to be. With that said... I will post the Warning again just as a reminder.

BTW: I have Aspergers Syndrome.... I'm not insulting anyone.

[WARNING: Don't read if you underage, or a mlp fan that is easily offended. This is just for entertainment and should not be take in anyway seriously. If you fail to take a joke, your comment will be removed. Just saying, i don't want trolls coming up in here think that their big and bad, and blah, blah, blah... I don't want to deal with it! YOU WERE WARNED!]

update 12-27-12: fixed spelling and grammer
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Unabletony Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm the same with you, Allen. Although I like the show and I favorite pony stuff on deviantart, I'm a brony, but not the rabid ones. Sure, sometimes I can be a pervert with ponys, but it doesn't really affect me.
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Well... this creepypasta was writen years ago and my opinion of the show has change... I really like the show now, but I am not crazy as the rabid ones.
I'm perverted two, but I'll never say it flat out unless brought up. LOL
Warrior20198 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
Insanity inside minds.... let the war begin.
GemmaUchiki Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This makes me feel like I'm supporting a satanic cult,my cousin is a brony and he's an absolute angel and I'm sure the same can be said for other bronies,angels with their special hobby.
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Uhhh.... you do know that this was created when I hated mlp blindly.

I no longer hate mlp now, but I look back in this and think... "I was stupid when I was under the influence of hatred" >_<
GemmaUchiki Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Great! *Free Icon/Emote* Fluffershy Pusheen 
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
GemmaUchiki Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Clapping Pony Icon - Fluttershy Yay!.
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
newflutterpie Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i just shrugged it off .-.
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the fav and watch \m/ :)
newflutterpie Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
welcome~! :3 brohoof?
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
newflutterpie Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
WHOO! :iconbrohoof1plz::iconbrohoof2plz:
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
You know I made that creepypasta during an ignorant time of my life, and I have over MLP content that's dark or scary if you want to look at more
lovinknuckles Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
i have asperger's too
GemmaUchiki Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You should draw one of those brony things.
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
hmmm... I've thought about it time and time again... but I don't have the time at them moment...
but don't worry I will... someday lol :|
mlplover10015 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Clawson263 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dcodeit Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
Yeah I didn't expect this
Zeewul Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013
Jk awesome story brah
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Lol... For a second you had me going lol.
Thank you.
Zeewul Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013
Yeah np mate.
Zeewul Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013
Pinkie, i know this story is awful,but you don't have to cry blood because of it.
GemmaUchiki Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have Aspergers too!
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Narishia98 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
>I do like the show My Little Pony but i am not a brony and i refuse to be
Um, that statement contradicts itself. All it is to be a brony is to just like MLP... Nothing more. And also, every fanbase has a rabid side. I don't see why the grimdark and porn for MLP should get so much attention. Sega literally bought the rights to Sonic porn, if I'm not mistaken. If MLP gets so much attention, then why don't shows like HTF get notorious as well?
>I just find it annoying both the Bronies and the haters...
Don't you think that's a bit rude and unfair to say? You're stereotyping bronies... not unlike what most haters do.
Not trying to start a war, but still.
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for your words... This creepypast was writen about a year ago... I admit... I was at one point a hated of the show, because I couldn't understand why so many liked it on the 1st place. So if the stereotyping offends you... I'm sorry, this was writen in a time where I wasn't thinking straight. Now as for the part of calling my self a brony... I still don't see my self calling my self that, even though I'm really into the show, really like the characters and episodes... As for the fan base, I completely alright with it now... We choose what to like and watch and if others don't like it, its their problem... However... We also choose to title our selves as well... If I like the show but reject the title, I think I'm well in my right to. As for the porn... That's a whole other can of worms not to open... Look this creepy pasta was not ment to offend, it was just an idea that me and a friend came up and we put it together and wrote it... Now I just keep it up as I reminder of what happens when you have to much hate within your heart... Idea can create and destroy...
Narishia98 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013

I get what you mean. It's important to remember these things.

Also, just for laughs:…

It's a fanfic about people waking up with cutie marks and turning into the ponies from the show because they were banished from Equestria by Discord. hehe. Kinda like the end to your creepypasta.

AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
ah lol!
Nebbdyr Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
Nooooo! I have aspergers. Must... stop watching... my little pony... Not... good for... me.
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
ummm... did you make this profile just to comment on this page? lol
SuperSonicIGreenHill Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Student Artist
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
HeroesDoody Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm a pegasister, THEY CAN'T GET MEH! :iconI am a dummy!:
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
HeroesDoody Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
HeroesDoody Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol icon mistake :P
Sadistic-Songbird Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Student
Nice creepypasta. I have Aspergers too. :meow:
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks! Cool :3
Cyndergirl211 Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
This is really long and descriptive! :icontwilightclapplz:
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks \m/
Cyndergirl211 Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
NP :3
SecretAgentJonathon Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa-ho-hold on a second! Did you make this picture?
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
SecretAgentJonathon Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OH SHIT. Uh, this is awkward... I kind of used it in an artwork of mine... sorry, I didn't know who made it.

I'll explain what happened:
I found it on the creepypasta wiki the night of August 7th, 2012 (as told by the the "save date"), and it inspired me to start work on a "Left 4 Dead"-like series based upon it. The next day I went online to see who posted it, the picture no longer existed.
I continued to create different stuff about it with a trusty pencil and paper. Eventually, I created a portfolio of what I called, "the lost bronies." I named it after the name of the picture.
Today, I found the original picture on the internet. I compared it to the picture I saved that night and found it was an exact copy.
And that leads up to right now. I'm not lying when I say that this was a true story.

So I apologize, and I'll link you to the vector used in my picture. Again, I'm sorry.

Here's the link to the picture: [link]
AllenRavenix Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
AHHHH!!! Oks lol its cool man...

Yeah... the pick was for the creepypasta i made awhile back, and try to uploaded to the wiki, but the amins of the wiki were ass-holes about it and they took it down... TWICE... I'm surpized the pic stayed till you found it lol...

But very cool man... and i'm not mad at all... i'm more dumbstrucked and surpized, then joy :)
SecretAgentJonathon Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, cool. I actually made an entire line up based on that picture. If you want, I'll give you credit on any of the pictures that I upload of them in the future.
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