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Yes.. Yes... i have a number of pink hair girls, i have a thing for them alright -'.'-




Ok folks, I've been patience, I wasn't going to address with, but after what happen to me on skype (which I'll only tell through note) I figure I need to law down some ground rules so is make a better environment and me to enjoy talking with others.

1: DON'T SPAM SHIT!!! I don't like spam, You can thank me for whatever I did for you. HOWEVER, consent asking me to sign something for something the govern is doing, ask for a request with out something in return, or your a hooker trying to get his/her fix with sexing/sexcam. Now I'm not a big bad guy so I'll give a person 3 strikes, On the 3rd YOU WILL BE BLOCK! Friends or good friends on who I trust with my life are excluded from this rule, just as longs as they don't push it. I mean it, I don't mind helping free the internet, BUT unless I here it from someone on youtube, I won't believe you! As for the request, I can do an art trade, or give gift for brithday. But don't ask me for something even though it's a request, I got a lot of stuff to do from taking care of family, Work, and other things.

2: NO RUDE OR HATE COMMENTS!!! This one is a biggie! Now I do not mind constructive criticizem, because your helping me become better. If you don't like me for what ever reason, that fine! But don't come on here and thinking your big and bad and you think you know everything. You will be dubbed an Asshole and Blocked on the spot. Harasses my friends and you will be in for it!

3: (Skype, or Facebook) If you don't have a picture, I don't know you, or just an empty info on your profile, I won't add you! The reason because give is to avoid spam profiles, due to an incident on skype (which again, I'll say if asked vie note).

Lets all trying to get along, and stop with the spam and hate... ok Thank you for your time.



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The Real Allen Ravenix. by AllenRavenix
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Hi, and welcome to my page. My Main goal is to become either a Game Designer, or Animator. I'm a kind person when i want to be, i can be crazy at time. Other then that I'm mostly a renegade and very dark. I am a huge Disturbed Fan, and i mostly play World of Warcraft... i can do some Animations with the help of Anime Studio pro 8. Most of my character i draw i hope will one day hit main stream. If you friend me or vice-verse, im not really that bad of a person, just so you know... I'm really kind, nice, crazy, at time pushes the button, and a pyromaniac... but all that a side I'm a good hearted person. However... if any two-bit crack head attacks either my work, my characters, or any of my friends... im not going into details, but the person picking on such things has no life, and is not a real artist... Ture Artistes do not go around and troll other work because of whatever the reason. Enjoy what i post on here. Like, Fav, Comment, Watch, Llama me, or even make fan art of my work... I'd be deeply appreciated...

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<3 Allen...
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Feel Free to add me! \m/ :D \m/
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:iconallyfaunaplz: > Hey What about me?
:iconallenravenix: > oh sorry... This is Ally Fauna Angel. The hottest girl I know!
:iconallyfaunaplz: > Awwww!!! *blushes*

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