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Yes.. Yes... i have a number of pink hair girls, i have a thing for them alright -'.'-




I feel like I need a break from DA due to the fact that a whole lot of bull shit keeps happening and it like effecting my abilities in thinking what to do next. I've put off my YouTube idea for a long time now, and it's driving me crazy. The issue kind of started when school started and mom had to help me pay for my school, and wanted me to pay her back over time, she said it was no big deal till the weekend when we went to kings dominion and want me to pay $200 then for gas and to eat, even after my weekend with friends and my spending was at it's high. Plus I didn't have my books yet. The last month I've been rock bottom due to try to keep up with insurance, trying to get my books and random crap that frustrates me. Plus the time that school is consuming is driving me nuts and at this moment I kind of regret going this school year, I knew i didn't have enough, but I still went anyway... I now have all my books I needs, but with my next pay check I got to pay my insurance for this month, and have my car inspected, and get new tags which will leave me under $100 for the 4th paycheck. That has been effecting my psyche...

Also I need a break from people on here, it had gotten creepy with other people, where with one person the conversations seem to be interesting, but got really weird and unconformable after words. Then just the other night with a friend who had came back from vacationing I greeted her, and she started to talk about hub getting taken over by Discovery, we had talk about aliens and then I did something really stupid in trying to be funny and ended up disturbing her. Now keep in mind I care a great deal for her, and when I realized what I have done I was like "oh shit!" Even though I said sorry, I felt like it was a blow to our friendship and I feel like she been real distant from me, and It's just stabbing at my feelings...

At this moment I just to say... I'm sorry, there just a lot on my mind and it's really fucking me up. I just need a month to breath before I am ok.
If there is any reason that you need to contact me urgently: you have my contacts through Facebook:…, My Skype: allenravenix, Or my youtube:…
Or contact my bro :iconspyroskylion: to get a message out to me, and I'll try to respond whenever I can.

I'm not doing this for attention nor pity, I just need to get somethings back on track.
Whelp! This is it, I might comeback late oct or early nov, or soon when I'm starting to feel better...
Laters, Peace, or if anyone cares... Allen Ravenix, sighing out for the time being...



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The Real Allen Ravenix. by AllenRavenix
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Hi, and welcome to my page. My Main goal is to become either a Game Designer, or Animator. I'm a kind person when i want to be, i can be crazy at time. Other then that I'm mostly a renegade and very dark. I am a huge Disturbed Fan, and i mostly play World of Warcraft... i can do some Animations with the help of Anime Studio pro 8. Most of my character i draw i hope will one day hit main stream. If you friend me or vice-verse, im not really that bad of a person, just so you know... I'm really kind, nice, crazy, at time pushes the button, and a pyromaniac... but all that a side I'm a good hearted person. However... if any two-bit crack head attacks either my work, my characters, or any of my friends... im not going into details, but the person picking on such things has no life, and is not a real artist... Ture Artistes do not go around and troll other work because of whatever the reason. Enjoy what i post on here. Like, Fav, Comment, Watch, Llama me, or even make fan art of my work... I'd be deeply appreciated...

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<3 Allen...
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Feel Free to add me! \m/ :D \m/
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My 3DS Friendcode: 3652-1157-4431
My Wii ID: AllenRavenix

:iconallyfaunaplz: > Hey What about me?
:iconallenravenix: > oh sorry... This is Ally Fauna Angel. The hottest girl I know!
:iconallyfaunaplz: > Awwww!!! *blushes*

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