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Yes.. Yes... i have a number of pink hair girls, i have a thing for them alright -'.'-
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The hurricane is going to miss us!!! WOOT!!!…


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Hi, and welcome to my page. My Main goal is to become either a Game Designer, or Animator. I'm a kind person when i want to be, i can be crazy at time. Other then that I'm mostly a renegade and very dark. I am a huge Disturbed Fan, and i mostly play World of Warcraft... i can do some Animations with the help of Anime Studio pro 8. Most of my character i draw i hope will one day hit main stream. If you friend me or vice-verse, im not really that bad of a person, just so you know... I'm really kind, nice, crazy, at time pushes the button, and a pyromaniac... but all that a side I'm a good hearted person. However... if any two-bit crack head attacks either my work, my characters, or any of my friends... im not going into details, but the person picking on such things has no life, and is not a real artist... Ture Artistes do not go around and troll other work because of whatever the reason. Enjoy what i post on here. Like, Fav, Comment, Watch, Llama me, or even make fan art of my work... I'd be deeply appreciated...

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<3 Allen...
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Feel Free to add me! \m/ :D \m/
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Strife and Fury by AllenRavenix
Strife and Fury
(Please keep in mind that this is my own idea of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypses that is a mix of the lore from both Darksiders and the Bible. This is just my idea, please respect that.)

<The Black Horsemen>
Race: Nephilim
Age: Eons 
Powers: Strife, Fate, Luck, Anarchy, Gambling, Skill
Weapons: Dual Guns 

Story: Strife was one of the 1st Nephilim to be brought into the world after the mother Lilith created them from the ashes of angels and demons and given knowledge from the creator. Once the Nephilim evolved from mindless abomination into mortals of great power. The creator chose them to be his enforces to keep balance through out the worlds. Strife along with Pestilence, War and Death were chosen to be his divine judgement if balance is thrown into turmoil and ride out to purge all corruption from the world so the balance can reset. They even had the powers to bring the armies of Heaven and Hell to stop attacking and call a truce.
    Strife has the strange ability to play out luck into his favor. The armor he wears is designed not only to protect him, but the mask can detect cheating. Anyone who cheats will get their brain blown with a powerful shot from his gun. Strife mostly acts like a rouge gentlemen with grace and manors and speaks with a gamblers accent. He treats luck like it's a real lady by calling her "lady luck". His abilities also let's him uses other's hardships and desperation to cause self affliction to themselves. His only goal is to see the Old Gods dead for the destruction of their home world and the near extinction of their race. However he, like his brothers are devoted to their duties to purge corruption when the balance is threaten. 

<Black Horse of Strife>
Race: Pony Alicorn/ Nephilimfide 
Age: Eons
Powers: Hate, Anger, Fire
Weapons: Magic

Story: Long before the rule of Celestia and Luna, and long before Discord's chaotic domination. In a time that the early pony before they even knew the magic of friendship they lived in a state of bitterness and hate to one another and fights broke out for survival. Fury with Famine, Ruin, and Despair walked among the ruin of Equestia from all the fighting. When they found two Alicorn babies they quickly took them then to protect them from all the fight. Overtime of protecting the two babies of the moon and sun, they learn that an ancient being was creating chaos and corruption and thus destroyed it, but it was unable to revise the damage it did... The 4 Alicorns look to one another and agree to do what was needed to be done... They left the two babies in the care of a young unicorn that was unaffected by the chaotic powers and they set out; massacring their own kind to ensure the future of Equestra. One all was said and done... they quickly felt the burden of their sins. They left Equestra in hopes they would fade from history, but they were found by four powerful Nephilim that felt their powers. Thus the bond between the Nephilim and Ponies was created, as the 4 ailcorns agree to partner up with them, as well as have their blood injected into them to closely bond with them. Now they ride with the four horsemen and with a cause to keep balance.
    Fury is short tempered, funny, egocentric, and cynical. The more angry she is, the more powerful she grows. Her fury is so powerful that it burns.       
The hurricane is going to miss us!!! WOOT!!!…

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