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Q: Do you do requests?
A: No! Normally I don't mind to help people, but people in the past have used and abused this... Requests are for my Deviant Art Family ONLY!

Q: Can you ask me for a request?
A: Why are you coming to me? Can't you let people come to you and ask? If your begging people for them to request something to you then, it's just weak... if you got request then post it and let people come to you... it's not fair to put someone in the spot light.

Q: Can you help me create a Character?
A: A character is something that you should make and you make alone... I know it's sometimes hard to make an awesome character, but you have to put your ideas into it instead of asking others to make it for you. The character's looks and features, detail and back story should be something you should come up with.

Q: Can I be your friend? A bro or sis?
A: I don't mind it and I happy welcome anyone. Keep in mind I do kind of have a friend teiring, so if I just met you... don't go crazy, give me time to warm up to you... If I think your cool then your my friend. BUT only those who have experiences something with me or something really bad happens and we both survive and I can trust you completely and don't bug the hell out of me; then only then can join my Deviant Art Family.

Q: Do you do Commistions? Art-Trades?
A: At this time Commistions are closed, but when I get around to it... I will open them. Art-Trades are for friends only...

Q: Could you do a fan art of my characters?
A: Along with Requests; They are for friends and Deviant Art Family Only.

Q: Can we ship ocs together?
A: Only for RPs and Deviant Art Family...

Q: Can you make a gift for my friend?
A: That depends on what's going on like a party or get well... but ask 1st, please.

Q: can i make a fan art of your ocs?
A: Yes! I be more then happy to see fan art of my characters, I just ask please credit my characters, and link it to me. Also, no hate art of my characters and no Yaoi, or Yuri stuff... PLEASE!!!

Q: is it okay if I given you free points?
A: I don't mind... don't know what to do with them though...

Q: could we chat?
A: I'm game, just remember that I have work on certain days. I work 2nd shift and I sleep late into the noon. So if I don't respond, that why, or I can't think of anything else to say...


Yes.. Yes... i have a number of pink hair girls, i have a thing for them alright -'.'-
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These are my beloved brothers and sisters on real life and in here. Treat them with the same respect as you would me. If anyone so much has hurt them in any way, shape or form... YOU WILL KNOW LIVING HELL!!!

Please watch and support them! They are all awesome! <3 <3 <3



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oh... LIKE 1
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Yeah... 030
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as in xxx
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How many pokemon can I do? :P
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If finally going to do it... I'm going to try and complete the pokedex for the shiny charm. Wish me luck folks.
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What Pokemon is Ally most like?… 

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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 8:25 PM
I'm going to be on less often, due to me having to fill in for someone at work, thus going back to temp full time. but hopefully I should be on this for very long.

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Hi, and welcome to my page. My Main goal is to become either a Game Designer, or Animator. I'm a kind person when i want to be, i can be crazy at time. Other then that I'm mostly a renegade and very dark. I am a huge Disturbed Fan, and i mostly play World of Warcraft... i can do some Animations with the help of Anime Studio pro 8. Most of my character i draw i hope will one day hit main stream. If you friend me or vice-verse, im not really that bad of a person, just so you know... I'm really kind, nice, crazy, at time pushes the button, and a pyromaniac... but all that a side I'm a good hearted person. However... if any two-bit crack head attacks either my work, my characters, or any of my friends... im not going into details, but the person picking on such things has no life, and is not a real artist... Ture Artistes do not go around and troll other work because of whatever the reason. Enjoy what i post on here. Like, Fav, Comment, Watch, Llama me, or even make fan art of my work... I'd be deeply appreciated...

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~ In a gloomy marsh far from any civilization, lie a lone mountain with a massive cave. Deep within the cave was an ancient structure with a thrown and a few fire torches all place in certain places of the room. The cave walls look like they are moving with figures stuck in the walls but hidden by the shadows. Mynoghra walks to the center of the room and stands on an evil looking symbol that was a triangle with a omega symbol in the middle; Under the omega symbol was a circle followed by 3 lines coming down which made the whole thing look like an eye. The symbol glows as Mynoghra bows. Then an image of a massive eye, that was all black with a red and white pupils. It glazes at her and made a soft growling sound.

"My Lord..." Mynoghra starts. "I have failed to take and corrupted Aeternam..."

A voice pierces Mynoghra's mind with a distorted tone that shifted over time. "So someone was able to draw the Eternal Blade... how very unexpected! So some random angel was able to overcome their... prejudice."

"Yes my lord..." Mynoghra said disappointedly as she hid her head for a moment, then she rose her head. "But... I should tell you about the angel's... 'friend' "

"Many worlds exist in the universe. Each one light years and stars far apart from each other. Each one with their own races that grow and evolve on them. Earth is no acceptation as  it is dominated by five races. The Mighty Humans, The Noble Elves, The Wild Anthros, The Strong Dwarfs, and the Graceful Merfolk. While most of Earth is controlled by humans and anthros, the rest of the dominating races as well as more lesser powered races still roam or control certain parts of the world. Though all these races live on Earth, they live in segregation due to hatred between certain races because of events of the past in which turn the humans into killing machines and turn on their native races. It was said that the humans rose to power with the help of the angels of war known as the Valkyrie. Now most races hide from the humans, while certain races such as Dwarfs and Anthros as allowed to roam the same space as humans, many still hide to this day. Still hating... What about any other race that roams Earth? Luckily... is they appear more human enough then they can easily blend as if they was human themselves. This how must angel and demons are able to blend in with the humans as well as many other races."

~ In a small city known as Eversprings, there sat an old run down building that seem abandoned. Inside however it seem like someone was living in there as there are many toys, old photos throughout the place. In one of the bed rooms, a young teen girl in a white kitty suit sleeps with a lone blanket. The young girl looked scared as she sleeps. Soon a purple glow from outside draws closer near her window. The small girl slowly awaken to the glow, but quickly looks up in fear.

"Sister?" The young girl said in fear as the purple light got brighter.

~ Hours ago, both Allen and Michael arrived in Eversprings as they stopped at a nearby cookout restaurant to eat. Michael ordered a burger with fries While Allen ordered a bunch of corn dogs in a leisurely fashion.

"How on earth can you eat so much?" Michael asks Allen surprised.

"Ummm... We Nephilims have a huge apatite?" Allen said, unsure of knowing the answer himself.

Michael nodded with a "uhuh..." before eating more of his burger.

"Can't fight on an empty stomach..." Allen says trying to shake off the embarrassing moment.

"Yeah... though... The Old God... Mynoghra... she really scares me... I have seen nothing like her..." Michael said look down at his drink... "Though... I got to ask what was she doing there? What was she after?"

"Who knows... Mostly Old Gods do their dirty work from the shadows, but still..." Allen stops to ponder a bit, before turning to Michael and smiling. "Oh well... we'll find out in time. For now let's focus on the now. Live a little! Nice quite town, friendly people, and you can see the stars* Allen says looking up at the sky.

Michael nods as he drinks his soda. Later on both Michael and Allen rented a room for the night. They set their stuff down and took of their armor and battle clothing to put on more easier clothing.

"Ahhh... feels great to be sleeping in a bed... it's been a few days..." Allen said laying in the bed shirtless.

"But... you had a prison bed..." Michael said as he moves to a desk.

"THAT DON'T COUNT!!!" Allen shouted.

Michael grabs a bag and started to work on something on the desk. Allen notes and gets up to get a closer look. Michael was constructing devices.

"What are you working on?" Allen ask, interested in Michael's work.

"Oh... I'm just working on some casing shells for something like grenades, or bombs..." Michael replied as he screws something in.

"Bombs? grenades? BUT YOUR A PALADIN!!!" Allen shouted again.

"Shhhh!" Michael shushed Allen.  "I have this hobby to building and engineering stuff. I always want to be some kind of inventor, but for now I'm taking baby steps."

Allen nods and walks back to his bed and then falls asleep, While Michael continues working until later he dozes off.

~ Late into the night, the whole city settled down and became quite. Michael was out like a light. However Allen tossed and turn in his sleep. Allen starts to dream that he was a young teen again and running away from monsters. As he runs he see dead bodies all around him. He then stops as shadowy figures stop him as was about to grab him. Just then a light shines the area as it looked like Michael swoop down to save him and slashes at the shadows, but just then the shadows grew and then over power Michael and started to crush him. Finally the shadows ripped him apart with blood splattering all over the place. Allen screamed as he woke up as Michael threw water all over him. Allen Calm down a bit.

"Dude.... What the hell?!" Allen snapped at Michael.

"Allen..." Michael spoke softly. "You was on fire... going crazy in your sleep"

Allen looks down as his bed was chard black. Allen look down and slapped himself before hiding his face with his hands.

"God... damn it..." Allen spoke low. "Not again..."

"What happened?" Michael ask as he gave Allen a towel to dry off.

Allen looked up at Michael and the sighed away from him. "It's my night terrors... They happen at random, and sometime if the dream gets too extreme it causes me to accidently discharge my powers..."

"Oh man..." Michael replied. "That's crazy!"

"Yeah... I asked a doctor about it and they said I need to find confront in life and move one if I am able to get over my night terrors. But so far it's been hard..." Allen said holding his head.

"Hey...  I'm sure you can find away to pull through this. You are very strong and not much can stand in your way." Michael said trying to cheer Allen up.

Allen laughed for a moment "That's for sure... I mean... I can make things go boom!"

Just then there was a large explosion somewhere in the city Both Allen and Michael ran to the window and saw the old building on fire. Michael slowly looked at Allen.

"I DIDN'T DO IT!!!" Allen yelled shockingly.

~ Both Allen and Michael got their gear on and headed out, running and jump on rooftops to the site. The firefighters are already on the scene trying to put out the fire.

"What happen here?" Michael ask looking at the damages to the building

"Well... it is an old building... could have been a meth lab." Allen assumed.

"Really?" Michael looks at Allen.

"Nope... just assuming..." Allen said.

"Well... you know what they say about assuming, yes?" Michael asked rhetorically.

Allen started, but then he got the joke. "OHH!!! I get it... it makes an ass out of you and me. Smart ass!" Both of them laughed.

Not too far from the two, the young girl is running for her life. Her cat clothes are roughed up as she went through alley ways before hiding in some boxes and out of sigh. The purple glow draws closer and stays around the area for a bit.

Allen then picks up on a strange energy. "Hang on... do you feel that?"

Michael takes a moment to sense it, but he finally picks up on it. "Yeah... is that... Shadow energy?"

"Yeah..." Allen replied. Both of them start to run toward the energy as Allen adds."Shadow energies are hard to pick up as normally they try and blend with other energies. To an untrained sense, they can sneak up and by the time you can feel it, it's too late... normally you can only feel them when their attacking or powering up... but other than that...  they keep their energy hidden well..."

The purple glow then vanishes just as Allen and Michael arrived on the scene.

Allen looks around. "Damn it... it's gone... Aura Sight!" His eyes turn white as he looks around. All he could see was people in buildings. However he didn't look behind him where the girl is still hiding in the boxes. Allen then triggers off his aura sight. "it's gone... or hiding with other people..."

"Maybe it left?" Michael asks as he places his hand on Allen's shoulder.

"Still..." He pauses for a moment. "Oh well... come on. I'm sure it hadn't gotten too far." Both Allen and Michael started to run back onto the main street.

The girl looks over the boxes quietly and slowly sneaks out. She looks around for a bit before she took off the other way; but as she ran, she fail to notes some thugs in front of her and bumps into them, falling on her butt. She looks up at them as they smile menacing at her.

"Hey girly!" One of the brutes barked. "You should really watch where your running!"

"O..oh... I'm sorry..." The girl said quietly, extremely scared of them.

The thugs just laughed. "What was that? I couldn't hear that!" One of them teased cruelly. "It sounded like you was trying to avoid apologizing to us!"

"No... I..." The girl tried to plea her  case but she was interrupted.

"No?" The thug walked up to her and intimidates her. "Don't you know big girls never say no?"

"It's time to teach her a lesion!" One of them hissed.

The thugs the grabs the girl with a tight grip. The girl eyes grew wide with tears before she screams. Allen and Michael heard the screams as both of them turn back the way they came.

"Oh my god..." Michael said surprised.

"Man... we're stupid!" Allen added.

The two ran back into the alley way but then only thing they can find was kicked up dirt and mud caked foot prints as if there was a sign of a struggle.

"OH COME ON!!!!" Allen yelled.

"No... we're too late... again..." Michael said annoyed.

"Great... more running around..." Allen says, tried and annoyed. "I'm sick of this bull shit!"

~ The girl was brought to a warehouse as her arms was tied and force up by ropes. The thugs tore off her kitty clothing till she was topless as girl screams and blushes out of embarrassment.  Then they stop when they see something on her. There was a gem implanted in her chest.

"Hey... is that... a gem?" The leader thug looked at it curiously. "Give me, give me, little girl!" He reaches and grabs the gem to try and pull it out as the girl winces in pain, but then the gem glows and knocks the thug back and on to the ground.

The thugs help their leader back up as he rushes at the girl. "YOU BITCH!!!" He says about to slap her, but one of the thugs stop him.

"Hold on, boss... look at her... I think she be a Gem!" The thug says.

"A Gem?" The leader thug questions.

The Thug explains. "Yeah... They says Gems are powerful race that are extremely rare. However they are hostel and causes destruction. They said that a girl murder a whole school because they was being picked on and the teachers did nothing..."

"So... she a ticking time bomb killing machine? The leader thug said looking at the other in disbelief. "I don't believe it... if she was she would have killed us already! Don't be a Dumbass!"

"Hey..." The thug spoke up. "There are some people called Gem Hunters that hunt Gems like her, kill them, by taking their gems and sell them for high profit. And I heard it sells in the tens of millions"

"Hmm... I like the sound of that!" The leader smiled crookedly. "Get a hold of them!" He walks back to the girl. "Guess what girly... We're going to make a killing off you! Your are ticket to fame!" He laughs as the girls start to tear up and cry.

As one of the thugs starts to dial the number for the Gem Hunters. The Phone blows up and the thugs falls down to the ground.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" The Leader runs over followed by his goons.

"That... was strike 3!" It was Allen. He an Michael was standing in an open door way looking over the thugs.

"What? Strike 3?" The thug question confusingly.

"Yeah... Strike one... taking a poor girl off the streets!" Allen Chimed.

"Strike two! Ripping her clothes off like a bunch of sickos!" Michael added.

"And strike Three! Attempt to sell her off, kill her and make money... I would add the foul ball of running around, but I'm more pissed off about this more than anything!" Allen finished, cracking his knuckles. "I'm about to put the smack dab on your ass!"

The girl looks at them as her eyes light up with hope.

"Oh... come one man... it's just business man..." The leader thug tried to plea.

"How about you eat shit and die!" Allen scolded. "Thugs like you are like cockroaches! Nothing more than ruin everyone's good time because of... whatever... Cut throatting any of for your own gain, destroying lives in the process and giving your human race a bad name. I don't see any anthros around."

"What do you care... those furry freaks are possible fucking each other's brains out with weird shit!" The leader thug shrugs it off. Till Allen threw a brick into his shit eating face, as if broke his nose with blood dripping everywhere and knocking him to the ground, screaming in horrific pain.

"...and now your shit faced." Allen said smiling at his own joke.

"I don't get it..." Michael said oblivious to the joke.

Allen looks at Michael like 'really?'. "Your really are sheltered... weren't you?"

The thug leader gets up, holding his nose to get it to stop bleeding. He roars to shake of the pain. "GET THEM, STUPIDS!!!" He barked.

The other thugs charged at Allen and Michael, some had pipes or knifes.

"Hey... do we need to draw our..." Michael started to ask but Allen interrupted him.

"Nah... no need... their just street thugs... now if they had guns." Allen replied.

The thugs rushed them, but they were no match as Allen and Michael beat them down. Even throwing one guy out the window.  The Thug leader looked shocked to see that his men was beaten to a pulp as Allen an Michael walked closer. He quickly draws a gun and puts it up to the girl's head.

"St-Stay... Stay back! I blow her..." Before the thug could finish his threat, Allen snaps his fingers and super heated the gun, burning his hand and forcing him to drop it an scream in pain. Allen then round house kick the thug to the ground.

Michael cuts the ropes with his sword and frees the girl and hands her a cloak to cover up.

"T-T-Thank you..." The girl said, as she ran up and hugged Michael.

"Well... we're just doing what we do best... hehe..." Michael chuckled.

Allen smiles at the girl and nods with what Michael said. The three start to walk out of the building. The Thug leader slowly stands up weakly and starts shouting.


Before he could finish, Allen blasts him hard with a one hand Ravenix blast and burning the clothes and skin off to the bone, killing him in a horrifying fashion as they continue to walkout of the building without a word or remorse.

~ Allen and Michael walked the girl to a clothing store and she picked out a new cute kitty hoody outfit. They then walk to some springs just within the city's park.

"T-T-Thank you... for saving me and giving me some new clothing... I look so cute now! ~Nya!" The girl said with the up most cuteness.

"Any time... and you or your parents owe us nothing, we're just passing by and making all the wrong, right again." Allen said, trying to be cool.

"I still can't believe I'm seeing a live Gem." Michael said. "They say that have been reclusive as of lately and no own knows why."

The girls stops as she walks to the water's edge to look at her own reflection. "It's because of the Gem queen... She grew more fearful of the other races as more and more of us die." She said thinking back. "Other races treat us like we are nothing more than monsters or animals to kill and make money off of. The queen was then consumed by a darkness and made her went mad. Often killing other races just to justify her own hatred, and often those who plea for her to stop meet the same fate."

"Damn.." Allen could only say as he feels for the girl.

"She created a barrier around the world to prevent her people from escaping or destroy our enemies... but the Queen's wrath cursed the planet, only me and my sister was able to escape to try and hide out and that some day we can get stronger to face her and end the suffering... but..."

"So you live with your  sister... I was wondering about that." Michael said.

"Yeah... I'm Jasmine by the way..."

"I'm Allen and this is Michael."

"Hey..." Michael said while waving.

"We're just two wondering guys on a quest of balance and harmony! Allen said with a heroic tone.

"Wow... Cool!" Jasmine says loving Allen's coolness.

"Hey... where is your sister anyway?" Michael asked.

"Well..." before Jasmine could answer. A large bolder was thrown at them. Allen grabs Jasmine and get's out of the way, while Michael grabs his sword and Shield and smash the bolder with a powerful shield slam.  

Allen sits Jasmine down and draws his warglaives as they saw the same purple glow from before slowly approaching them. It was an young woman with black and purple hair, glowing red eyes wearing a gothic dress with eyes glowing red and holding a scythe that holds destructive powers. There was a Gem in her bellybutton.

"...R...Rocio!!!" Jasmine cries. "Pleases snap out of it!" She pleads.

"I'm guessing that your sister?" Allen looks at the new comer.

Jasmine nods as she shakes in fear. "She has been consumed by her own darkness..."

"It's hopeless..." Rocio said in a low tone. "Everything is hopeless... everything is meaningless... and everything is better off dead..."

"Michael... protect Jasmine... I'll keep sis here focused on me." Allen said putting up his stance.

Michael nods as sheathing his shield and sword and he grabs Jasmine and starts to run back to the city. Rocio tried to stop them, but Allen blocks her as their powers clashes.

"What do you hope to accomplish?" Rocio asks. "All of this world is murders, and for the greater good must be wiped out!"

"Sorry... I can't let that happen... your sister is really friendly... and I'm thinking that you are nice without that cold layer." Allen says as his Nephilim marking started to glow.

"I've always been this way... and what you are thinking is pointless..." Rocio said as her bodies glows brighter.

The two continue to force their powers into each other till it creates a large explosion that ended up destroying most of the park. Both Michael and Jasmine saw the blast and was shocked.

"Allen needs help!" Michael sits Jasmine and redrew his weapons. "Jasmine please hid here." Michael says as he opens an old shed. Jasmine runs in and hides beside some tools as Michael closes the shed and runs back towards Allen.

~ As Michael runs up to the scene, it wasn't much. Allen was mostly alright as he is getting up from the blast, but Rocio is gone.

"Allen! Are you Alright?" Michael said helping Allen up and healing him.

"Yeah... ow... though... after words she fled..." Allen said sheathing his weapons. "Where Jasmine?"

"She safe! I found an old shed not too far from here..." Michael replied. "Come on!"

Michael lead Allen to the shed, but when they came up to it the whole front of the shed was destroyed.

"No... NO!!!" Michael said as he rushed in and start to look around that place.

"Please tell me that this is not the shed?" Allen ask starting to worry.

Among the wreckage... All they could find was some white hair that belong to Jasmine. Michael started to cry as he hides his head and the ground. Allen just turned away, but was crying on the inside.

~ The morning rises as both Allen and Michael started to walk through a forest as the air start to get extremely cold and snow started to be visible.

"I'm... I'm sorry Allen... It's my fault..." Michael said still morning over the lost of Jasmine.

"Don't beat yourself up man..." Allen says trying to cheer him up. "She still can be alive... there was no body... so maybe..."

"I'm scared to think what her sister is going to do to her..." Michael said. "Hey... do you see this kind of thing a lot on your journey?"

"I try not to think about it... I just want to make lives better, but sometimes it harder said than done, and at times... it's just not possible."

Just then they heard a faint yelling, but it started to get closers.

"AHHHHHHH!!! WHERE IS MY SISTER!!!!" It was Rocio, coming at them with a blinding rage.

"Holy Cow!!! She determined!!" Michael said shaking.

"Quick! Hide and lower your energy!" Allen replied.

The two ducked behind trees as Allen smacks a tree to knock down some snow to hide their foot prints. Rocio enters the area and looks around with her scythe drawn and her hatred visible as energy. She looks around for a moment as it felt like she was lost. Allen and Michael peek out to watch her as she screams and swings her scythe around slashing and cutting down trees... She stops for a moment and kneels to the ground and cry for a bit before spouting black wings and flying off. Just before Michael comes out of hiding. A small white kitten with cute pink eyes comes up to him and meows cutely. Michael can't help but to love it and picks it up and pets it and hugs it.

"Hey Allen... look what I found!" Michael dashes over to Allen with the kitten on his head.

"Where did you get a kitten?" Allen asks.

"I don't know... it just came up to me. Can we keep it?" Michael asks while cuddling the kitten.

"How do you know it's not already owned, or wild?" Allen asked...

"Oh come on... PLEASE!!!" Michael ask with the most sorriest of looks.

Allen looks at him like he lost his mind before sighing. "Alright... but your taking care of it..." He starts to walk off.

Michael looks at the kitten as the rub faces. "I think I'm going to name you... Jasmine!"

"Come on man... She still out their...maybe she found safety and was able to find real protection... you'll never know..." Allen said.

"I know..." Michael said. "But... still... Will we ever see her again?"

"Yeah... somewhere down our path... We'll meet again... don't worry man... she is out there... and no longer in danger... cheer up... it's ok." Allen said assuring Michael that everything is ok.

"I guess your right..." Michael says smiling and still loving the kitten.

Both of them continue to make their way. Allen was starting to get creeped out by Michael's affection for the kitten. However there was a hidden feature on the kitten that was hidden by her fur... A gem place right at her heart...
I would like to ask a hypothetical and philosophical question.
What do you all consider a burden of humanity? (Things that make us less human) 
I've got a strange feeling I'm being watched...

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