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Yes.. Yes... i have a number of pink hair girls, i have a thing for them alright -'.'-




I didn't really notes lol

Also, if you see a feed a mature pictures going into the "No one under age should see" file, please disregarded if your mature filter is off. I don't need other people to know my other kinks besides pink hair girls, angels and mermaids.



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The Real Allen Ravenix. by AllenRavenix
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Hi, and welcome to my page. My Main goal is to become either a Game Designer, or Animator. I'm a kind person when i want to be, i can be crazy at time. Other then that I'm mostly a renegade and very dark. I am a huge Disturbed Fan, and i mostly play World of Warcraft... i can do some Animations with the help of Anime Studio pro 8. Most of my character i draw i hope will one day hit main stream. If you friend me or vice-verse, im not really that bad of a person, just so you know... I'm really kind, nice, crazy, at time pushes the button, and a pyromaniac... but all that a side I'm a good hearted person. However... if any two-bit crack head attacks either my work, my characters, or any of my friends... im not going into details, but the person picking on such things has no life, and is not a real artist... Ture Artistes do not go around and troll other work because of whatever the reason. Enjoy what i post on here. Like, Fav, Comment, Watch, Llama me, or even make fan art of my work... I'd be deeply appreciated...

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Feel Free to add me! \m/ :D \m/
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:iconallenravenix: > oh sorry... This is Ally Fauna Angel. The hottest girl I know!
:iconallyfaunaplz: > Awwww!!! *blushes*

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I didn't really notes lol

Also, if you see a feed a mature pictures going into the "No one under age should see" file, please disregarded if your mature filter is off. I don't need other people to know my other kinks besides pink hair girls, angels and mermaids.
"Angels, demons, good and evil; two sides fighting over order and freedom, but there is one race that is like both, but at the same time is not. The Nephilim, created by the succubus Lilith, and brought up by the creator himself. The nephilims' main goal is to preserve balance and return harmony. Four of the most powerful was chosen to be the four horsemen of the apocalypse, while the rest live out to one day set out to right all that went wrong... however, an evil from the abyss rose up and attack the Nephilim and slaughter them, destroying the whole world in the process, but unforeseen to the evil ones, and handful of nephilim escaping the planet and landed on other worlds. The nephilim is now endangered of becoming extinct, but it will be something that the evil ones will not see..."

This is the era where all of the mortal races banned together but then became divided after they fought back the evil ones. In the dense mist of the forest, a lone male wonders into the fog. He had red eyes the glow through the fog. Long shaggy black hair blew in the winds. He was wearing a black trench coat with a red harness over it and holding two double edge blades with a shielding guard hilt. The male looks up to the sky, but can see nothing more than clouds. He then turns back to the path and continues to walk. Then in the distance he can see a building with some lights shining through. Upon closers inspection it was a Japanese big house set up like a hotel. He can hear a party inside the house. Walking pass the front gate and the gardens he makes his way to the door and slowly opens the doors. Insides it seem like no one is here, but the noises are coming from up stairs. "Uhh... hello?" A girl with brown hair wearing glasses in a green kimono, frighten by the males glowing eyes. "You're... you're not a demon are you?" The male calmly smiles, pull out earphones hidden by his hair, grabbing a device from his pocket and shutting it off. "Nah, just have a crazy set of eyes. Is this a hotel?" He asks. "Yes! Here you can relaxes with the shows on the 3rd floor and have something to drink and rest to your heart content," the girls says. "Awesome, I would like to stay the night!" The male says putting away the small device. "Of course! Uhh... what's your name?" The girl asks. "My name is Allen, Allen Ravenix."

Upstairs on the 3rd floor was a big room with a bar and stage. Soldiers filled the room, drinking and eating to their hearts content. Allen walks by them, not enjoying the scent that each soldier was giving off. On stage were a blonde headed girl and a blue headed girl performing some sort of song. In the back were two taller, and more brawn women that serve as bouncers. Allen heads to the bar and takes a seat; luckily no one was sitting there too.

The bartender was an older woman in red with an eye patch. "So what will you have?" She asks. "Something sweet, non alcoholic," Allen replies. "Hmmm... I take it you're not with these soldiers here?" The older woman asks as she hands Allen his drink. "Nope, I'm just passing through," Allen starts to drink "Hehe... Looking for a good time? A lover?" Allen swallows, and laughs lightly "Me? Don’t really have plains for those kinds of thing yet. I'm just traveling place to place just to see the world, and become stronger," Allen says taking another drink. "I see... then you must be a noble young man then. Don't see too much like you around these parts. Mostly men coming here to get drunk, or heckle our girls here." "I notes..." They turn to see the drunken men carry on over the girls on stage.

Just then a loud sound of glass breaking could be heard from the back followed by yelling. "YOU STUPID BITCH!!! HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME!!!" A rough looking man, who was the leader of the troops, grabs a small green haired girl. She had accidently spelt a drink on the man. One of the brawny women makers her way to him, she was tall with purple hair and wearing a dark green kimono. "Hey! You better let her go!" She asks with fire in her eyes. "Why should I?!! This little bitch insulted me, and NO ONE insults me and gets away with it!" The man grabs a blade and puts it to the small girl’s neck. Allen looks at the deranged man and through he was out of his mind, but then sees something behind the man. It looks like a mask, but it was channeling red energy into the man, however no one else saw the mask.

Allen takes one last sip of his drink and sits it on the table down gently. "HEY DUMBASS! You better put down that down before you lose your hand forever," Allen said taunting the man. "YOU MOCK ME?!! I AM THE GENERAL OF THE EMPEROR!!! I WILL HAVE..." Before the man was able to slit the girl’s throat, Allen snaps his fingers with sparks flying from them. The man weapon glows a bright red as if super heated and forces him to drop the weapon in pain. “OWW,” the man screams in pain as Allen quickly grabs the girl and palms the raging man in the face, knocking him across the room with a broken nose. Allen sits the girl down and says “Quick! Run to the bouncers, don’t worry about me!” With a wink sends the girl to the purple hair woman.

Allen turns to face drunken troops with their blades drawn. “Put your swords down before you get hurt,” Allen warned. “Oh yeah? Why should we? He attacked our general! He must be crazy!” The soldiers chattered, but Allen didn’t really hear what they were saying. He we most focused on the red energy around the men, making them angrier. “All right, enough of this shit! Hey you… Mask! Just what do you think you are doing?” The mask looks around and stops emitting red energy. “What? You can see me? But only the dead or those who a spiritually can see me, you’re a brute,” the mask said. “I not a brute, and I am spiritually, but even if I wasn’t I would still see you regardless because of what I am,” Allen said. “So you’re a demon too?” The Mask asks where Allen replies. “Nope! Your only half right, but enough about me, let’s talk about you. You are a hatred sprite; you feed mortals, such as these humans with hate then feed off their conflict and grow stronger.” “Grrrr!!! So you know what I am, but can you stop…” Allen sighs and pulls out his blades “W...w… What… warglaives?! You’re a Demon Hunter?!!” The demon trembles as Allen flashes in front of it and slices it in two. The demon screams in pain as it disintegrates into energy and disappears.

Allen then looks around to see the soldiers looking at him like a mad man. “He’s nuts! Look at him, striking at ghosts! He’s done flipped!” The soldiers chanted at him. The general gets up and grabs his blades before he starts to yammer on, “YOU!!! YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME, EVERONE WILL DIE!!!!” “Still under the rage effect I see, enough of this. If your head is still on right, then sheath your sword and leave peacefully. If not then I only hope you can make it through the pain.” Allen said, and drawing his blades back and gets ready to strike. “YOU ARE AN ANT TO OUR MIGHT!!! SOLDIERS!!! KILL HIM!!! KILL THEM ALL!!!” The general commands, as the Soldiers started to move. Allen sight and whispers “Raven wisps,” and swings his left arm as purple energy rose from him. Small purple flames shaped like birds surround Allen and then fly out and hit the soldiers. Each flame fly through each soldier’s body and they fall to the ground unconscious. Allen then quickly runs up to the general and slices both his arms off.
Blood squirts out onto the floor as the general screams. Allen shows a look of apathy then says, “Now do you see the consequences of your ego? You think that you are all that, and now you’re on the ground crying and bleeding out on everyone. Will you learn from this? Will you be able to take things more lightly now? I would save you… but anyone who threatens a girl half your size doesn’t need to be called general any more. You’re more like asshole, and I really hate assholes. Maybe you will learn in the next life, if not then I hope the afterlife treats you fairly.”

Allen sheaths his blades and watches the general rolls over and dies in front of him. The women start to check on the unconscious men. “They are not dead,” Allen says “they are just knocked out for having parts of their soul burnt.” Allen then grabs the general’s money bag and adds the money to his. “So is all your money stolen from the dead?” asked one of the girls. “Not all of it, most of it I earned from small tasks. Besides he did threaten you lively hood, right?” Allen asked walking past them. “But didn’t you say he was affected by a demon?” The blue hair girl asked. Allen starts to clean his blades and says, “It was far too late for him, he went mad long before that demon had a hold of him, and the only thing the demon did was just drive the nail harder. You saw what come of it.” He sits down and orders another drink.

“So who are you? You fought like these guys where nothing,” asked a dark skinned bouncer. “Well, I need something to break the mood. My name is Allen Ravenix, I’m 21 years old, and I’m not human.” “Not Human!!!” The girls shouted. “Yes, I am what you call a Nephilim. Half angel, half demon; I’m one both, and not all at the same time,” Allen says calmly. “A nephilim? Never heard of such a thing, I’ve heard of demons and angels, but never nephilims,” the bartender says making another drink. The girl with the blue hair asks “so what about your blades and your skills?” “Well… I was trained by the elves to be a demon hunter in the forbidden zone which is past the elven territory,” Allen replied. The bartender asks “you came from the elven zone? But isn’t that area walled up due to constant fighting between the elf clans?” “Yeah, sadly the elves are not in the mood to talk, I mean there are elves outside the wall, but most of them are in there killing one another. The High elves built that wall to keep their conflict from spreading outside their zone, but past all the fighting is the forbidden zone, where the land it so corrupted it nothing by monsters plants, green lava, and sulfur everywhere. The sky is green and you will never see the sun. But demons of the most horrible kind live there, even more scary then the one I fought just a moment ago.” The women gasp as the green hair girl asks “are there really demons more scary then the ones here?” “Yes, but there where the demon hunter come into play, they have the power to turn the demon’s powers against them and can easily slay them and see them from the shadows. They do this so no horrible demon or something far worse gets out of the forbidden zone. I trained there, learn their techniques, increase my powers, and honed them. My powers are comes from my own Nephilim race, but these powers are mine and mine alone.” Allen continues looking at his own hands “I’ve always had some sort of connection with birds, but more strongly phoenixes, crows and ravens. Birds those are immortal; with phoenixes being able to reincarnate, and ravens able to continue to live on in the afterlife and guide people spirits to their destination. Thus I can use both of their powers of Phoenix Fire, and Raven Wisps, but also which is really cool… I’m completely fire proof.” The girls looked at him with weird expressions. “You don’t believe me, do yah?” Allen asks pouting. “Well, here is a fact! When a demon hunter completes his or her training and completed the final trial, then they have to ritualistically burn their eye’s with fel fire and gain the aura sight, which allows you to see other races’ aura. The more blue it is the more good they are, the more red the more bad, the gray means you have done anything good or bad, and the rare ones: purple is night which is both good and bad auras in harmony, pink is twilight in which your aura is in a state of chaos, and finally black; meaning your something really evil.” “Oh wow! Did you see the demon with the aura seeing thing?” The little girl asks. “*chuckle* nah… I could easily see it without it, if fact I can see dead people, but that’s a whole other can of worms that don’t needs to be opened. I only use my aura sight to see if others are trust worthy or not among other things.”

Allen looks past the girls to see some of the soldiers starting to get up. “Sorry ladies, times up… got to back into scary mood.” Allen sits his drink down and walks up to the men trying to get up. He walks past them and grabs their general’s body and started to bark like a drill sergeant at them, “SOLDIERS!!! I want you to look at this man right here, your leader! He was willing to massacre lives at the sake of his own pride and became a toy for a demon.” The soldiers looked in horror. “I’m going to say this nicely. Go back to your lands, and forget this day ever happened. As for what happen to your general… he was killed by a demon. I want you to take what I have to say to heart, for it you don’t…” Allen swings his arm to his side, and his back burst into flames and out spawn black and red wings from his back. “I WILL BURN YOU ALONE WITH YOU’RE GENERAL!!!” The soldiers scream in fear quickly grabbed their stuff and run out the door as quickly as they can. Allen gives off a deep sigh, but after he opens his eyes he blushes to a weird feeling. Some of the girls had started to rub Allen’s wings. “Ohh… are these real?!!” One of the girls asked. “Like I said; part angel, part demon,” Allen replies as he swings his arm again and the wings retract into his body.

It was soon it was night; Allen had already set the body of the general and set it on fire. Allen spends the night relaxing, or he would if the girl haired and the blue haired girls would stop asking questions. “Hey, if all your demon hunter friends are back their fighting demons, why are you not back there fighting with them?” The blue haired girl asks to which Allen quietly replies, “Well, I kind of have my own motives, and the others knew that. See, something had caused my whole race to nearly go extinct. My mentor said I must go on this quest to learn more about my powers to get stronger to face these threats before they can do the same to the other worlds.” “What is the threat you must face?” asked the green hair girl. “Sorry I can’t really say… but it’s something that has always been and is the root of all evil that sleeps in the abyss.”

The next morning, Allen cleans himself up and gets his gear together. The sun is shining bright and the path is clear. Allen waves his goodbyes and sets out on the road. “They are really nice,” Allen says to himself.  He takes out he’s device and puts in the earphones into his ear and start to play music as he is continue his quest.
AC Retold: Episode 1: The Hero's Path
This is a new story that is a retelling of the main heroes and how that meet. Set in a land that is both fantasy and sci-fi. Instead of the heroes meeting each other in school. The heroes more then less meet in different scenarios.

So what do you think? 

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